Night Stand HD - Alarm Clock

Night Stand HD - Alarm Clock 1.5.3

Gorgeous digital clock for your iPhone


  • Choice of stylish clock displays
  • Supports simultaneous iPod playback
  • Several time display options


  • Drains your battery in continuous display mode
  • Strange 24-hour clock formatting


If you were thinking of splashing out on a fancy night stand clock for your bedroom then wait - because there's an iPhone app that does the job very well.

Night Stand is a fantastic looking neon clock for your device. Launching the application will bring up a full screen display with a digital clock on a black background. You can choose from a range of different clock skins, all of which look great.

The Night Stand clock can be displayed either horizontally or vertically depending on the orientation of your iPhone. There a few settings to tinker with so you can customize the clock. For instance, you can choose to display the date and pick between 12 or 24-hour time formats. Weirdly, the 24-hour format still displays 'pm' next to the time. Night Stand also allows you to disable the auto-lock so the time is always showing, although I'd advise you to keep your phone attached to the power supply or you'll battery will soon get sapped.

One of the best things about Night Stand is that it will run with your iPod playing in the background. This makes for a great feature for anyone who likes to go to bed with music playing. Just put on some soothing music, turn of the lights and fall asleep to the music. Whenever you wake up you'll have the time right there next to you.

For those who travel a lot, or anyone who is fed up with their poxy alarm clock, Night Stand offers an stylish bedside companion.

All known bugs are fixed


  • All known bugs are fixed
Night Stand HD - Alarm Clock


Night Stand HD - Alarm Clock 1.5.3

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